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Public Service Announcement #1

I hope all of you members are keeping in mind the fact that I cannot reply to posts (or other replies- no loophole) ^^; . Due to my computer and AOL's suckiageness, I actually lack the button required on a page to post a response o.o . I've already posted this in my journal. So I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused... to any of you o.0 .

  In the meantime, since I have made this community journal, clearly I know how to make them ^^ . I VOTE FOR THE KING!... AS THE PREZ!!! Anyone thinking of nominating someone for vice??? *coughcough* ^.~ . I hope there's not a grade requirement. Hey, I just realized... we don't have to reach out to just the anti-social kids, but also to other "groups" they have been WAY under-represented in past school elections. Such as the foreign kids (who's in more than one foreign language class.. AND ACING THEM? ^.~)! Or the short kids (CLEARLY under represented! Except with our king ^^ )! D00ds, if we could get the support of not just anti-social kids, but basically anyone considered "under" by the prep empire, we're sure to kick ass at this... Besides, we all know we're FORCED to vote anyway, and most kids just choose some random box and check it (cuz all preps running are the same) o_0 . IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE! DEMOCRACY '05 OR DIE!!!!!

0=) ♥ **pseudo-preppiness**

>=D ☻ **666 time ^.~ **


AKA: Teh Keeper of teh Moe
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