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::sniff sniff::

::sniff:: Before i go into my long ramble, i would just like to salute you Kate, thats is the best friggen pro anti-social (??) speech i have ever heard....::sob:: ::wipes tear and tries valiantly to continue:: THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES!!!!! together, we will be crushed, but united.....wait....hmmmmm....well u get the point, anyways, i can hear the marching in the distance, war cries and gun fire (??) as we, the anti-socials take over the school, in the name of ANARCHY!!!! "I say we start regrouping at once. I, (being the obvious nominee) take kate as my Vice President. This ain't play time anymore, it's time to take our endless years of torment to the preps.

Official Stamp of the King Anti Socialist

"This is the year, where all hope fails you.... There's no reason, no worship, what have we got to lose? what have we got to lose? except our souls??"
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