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or don't. BE THAT WAY!

(The All Holy Cult of) Pro Anti-Social Kids
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Forced into shadows constantly? Don't really care what supposed "big shots" care about you? Believe the word "social" doesn't apply to you at least 50% of the time? Well then,

Welcome fellow member of the All Holy "Cult" of Pro Anti-Social Kids!! This community is really called P.A.S.K., as in simply "Pro Anti-Social Kids."

((NOTE: Yes, we see the irony in having a group of anti-social kids. But so we can clear it up for you- We are anti-social in the sense of: 1) We ignore popularity, 2) Stereotypical social ranking means nothing to us, 3) We won't talk to most people who aren't our friends (for many reasons, not just because we might not like them), 4) Many of us will not answer questions out loud in class, 5) Not going to large social gatherings (and maybe even dispising them), 6) Having opinions that differ from the majority's mindframe, 7) Simply a lack of open conversing among large groups of people. ))